Little by little, indoor plants have acquired a new place in our home. From being a simple decorative element, we are now more aware of the benefits that
give to our life. They become faithful companions, help to create a natural and fertile environment and undoubtedly increase our physical and mental well-being.
In fact, its ability to eliminate toxins in the air has been demonstrated, so we will have more purified and cleaner spaces.

To create a landscape full of color and enjoy all its qualities, this time indoor plants are shared that should not be missing in the home this spring.
They are very easy to care for and have a unique style that will catch everyone’s attention and allow us to give our home a more natural and colorful look.

10 durable indoor plants for this spring


Begonia will be an excellent complement in decorating with indoor plants. They are characterized by having a great capacity for adaptation, especially if they are in
hot and humid environments. For its green leaves and flowers to reach that intense red or pink, it is necessary that we place it in a place with enough natural light,
We water it twice a week and fertilize it in the flowering season, which is usually during the hottest season (spring-summer). Although according to the species,
they are able to stay very beautiful all year round.


Although it is considered a fragile species, tulips are actually quite easy to care for. They only require irrigation two or three times a week and be located in
semi-shadow areas. Its variants can include different colors and most flower with the entry of spring (March), although there are others that open until the end
of May.


During the spring, orchids will add a delicate touch to the rooms. Its flowers are small, but brightly colored, such as pink and purple, although the
white are also very popular. For its care you have to prioritize two things: place it in a place where there is a lot of light (not directly) and water them twice at the
week. However, the water should be low in salt, so if we use tap water it is advisable to boil it and filter it before adding it to the pot.

If we like arid plants and very little care, then the cactus is a good option. These plants withstand the heat of spring very well and are extremely
durable. Since they do not require a lot of water, it is important that the cacti are planted in clay pots or others that facilitate filtration, so that they drain well the

In addition, they must be located near windows where they receive a lot of sunlight. Other plants with similar care are the coral aloe, the Echeveria and the donkey’s tail, being
perfect to place in the kitchen or on the balconies.


The bromeliad adapts very easily to any environment. It only requires watering once a week and enough lighting. It is an exotic plant that will undoubtedly make our
more aesthetic and modern spaces. Although it requires little water, it is necessary to verify that the soil remains moist as much as possible, so it is a good alternative to
plant to decorate bathrooms.


Among the durable indoor plants there is also ivy. Unlike the others, this one does not require much lighting: it will be enough to place it in a place
half-shade; although it does need a lot of humidity and avoid gusts of air. Given its wild growth, it is a favorite for creating curtains on doors and shelves or
to hang from the ceiling.

Within its specifications of care are to water two or three times a week and keep its leaves free of dust. For the rest, it only remains to explore the decorative options
being able to be beautiful even in the high places of the kitchen.

Brazil stick

The Brazilian wood is another of the most exotic and aesthetic plants that we can have at home. You will be surprised by its thick trunk and long leaves. To keep it strong, you must have
a lot of natural light (although not direct), be in a temperature that ideally exceeds 20º and be watered two or three times a week. If the leaves turn brown it is
you are probably running low on water.

If we give it good care, it is likely that some white flowers will sprout, although it is important to remove them once they dry because they rob them of vitality. This
flowering only occurs a couple of times in the entire life of the plant. As for its symbolism, in feng shui it is synonymous with happiness and serenity, so we will create
a home full of positive vibes.


The dracena does not need much sun or much space, although if we want it to grow it can reach a height of more than one meter in height. It is characterized by having
long pointed, feather-like leaves that fall in a beautiful cascade. In its care it is necessary to avoid excessive watering, it is enough to water once abundantly and
wait until the soil dries up to water again.

It withstands the dry season very well. In case of being at a low temperature, the plant stops growing. And if we have pets, it is best to keep them away from them!
dracena can be poisonous to them.


Within the flowering indoor plants, lilies also stand out for decoration in hot times of the year. They do well in cool, but sunny areas,
so the windows will be the favorite places, since it requires moderate light. As for its irrigation, it is necessary to do it 3 times a week.

As we can see, the decoration with indoor plants this spring can be spectacular if we try some of these species. For more color, flowering plants
They will beautify the rooms, while if we are looking for something more classic, plants with large leaves and an intense green will bring out the most attractive side of our home.

By having clarity of the plants and flowers that we want to use, it only remains to visit a store, where it is possible to find a wide variety of items.
for our garden and all kinds of accessories and products that will make the care of green spaces in the home easier.