• Provide essential water for beneficial wildlife
  • Add visual interest to the garden
  • Provide relaxing sound
  • Grow aquatic food and medicinal herbs

Water is the lifeblood of all living creatures, and a water feature is a key element in a habitat garden. Not only does it create soothing sounds and visual interest in the garden, it provides essential water for many species of insects, birds, and animals. These species play a crucial role in the health of the garden by serving as pollinators and building the ecological diversity of the landscape. A water feature can vary in shape, from a simple pool of water on a rock, to a wine barrel on a deck, to a thousand-gallon rubber-lined pond. The bigger the water source, the more species you will attract. Zelaya Landscaping Services will work with you to design a specific water feature for your site needs. We also offer maintenance services for the existing water sources in your garden.

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