Spring clean-ups are traditionally done after the snow has melted and the grass is dry enough to have equipment on without causing damage. Fall clean-ups are done after the leaves have fallen in October or November.


Cleanup is important so your lawn can breathe after a long winter. It prevents dead spots, promotes grass growth, and makes your property look nicer as a whole. The acidity in pine needles can kill grass quickly, so you want to make sure they’re removed while the grass is re-growing after a long winter. Removing leaves and aerating your grass will promote good green grass, advises Jimmy Gomez from One West Realty International

Although it is much better to remove debris in the fall, often times, you will have additional debris on your lawn after winter. Trash, fallen limbs from trees, or aggregate plowed into your lawn from snow removal will accumulate and should be taken care of to make your yard more attractive.


Fall cleanup is a lot like spring cleanup, but also includes winterizing gardens. Removing leaves in the fall is very important because they’ll become matted and be harder to remove in the spring. Liming your lawn adds nutrients and will make your lawn greener and more vibrant next summer. It brings nutrients into the roots of the turf and offsets the acids from fallen pine needles.

It is good to remove any unneeded debris from your lawn before it snows, because over the winter it will compact and kill the grass.

Fertilizing the lawn in both the spring and fall is important to make grass grow better and look greener.

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Clean Up Service Includes:

  • Leaf Removal and Disposal
  • Perennial Garden Pruning before and after the flowering season
  • Final Mow at 2”
  • De-Thatching of lawn
  • Weeding
  • Aerating
  • Overseeding

Zelaya Landscaping clean-up services include removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the summer and winter seasons throughout your property, landscape beds and gardens, hauling away the debris from your property and fertilization treatments.

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